We give discarded textiles headed for landfill new life with our upcycled and recycled products.


Taking textile materials destined for landfill, we have created re-UP – a range of upcycled and recycled, reusable bags made from 100% discarded, unwanted materials that couldn’t be reused.

The brand is a solution to textile wastage which will allow us and our customers to contribute to the improvement and protection of the environment, and work towards closing the loop in the textile industry.

re-UP has incorporated the guiding principles of circular economies in our business model and aims to contribute to the global movement from linear to circular economies. We give unwanted, discarded textiles another life and make them fit for a new purpose.


Our upcycled re-UP bags are stylish, unique, and multi-purpose and a great way to express your unique individuality and style while doing good for the planet. This fashion essential, takes discarded and unusable textile materials and is transformed into our upcycled re-UP bag range.


What was unwanted and unusable textile materials, is transformed into our recycled re-UP bags. Our recycled range is made from 100% discarded textiles that have been reconstructed into our textile-to-recycled fabric re-UP material and are designed to be reused again and again and again. Our core range is made up of our Essentials, Daily and Shoppers bags, perfect for any occasion and use. We can deliver customised or co-branded solutions to maximise your organisations’ brand exposure and commitment to genuine sustainability initiatives.

The re-UP innovation rescues waste and turns unusable items into upcycled and recycled bags.

re-UP® DOING GOOD FOR THE PLANET AND OUR COMMUNITIES, BROUGHT TO YOU BY ALLROUND RECYCLING – a leading textile recycler that assists in making Australia more sustainable by ensuring your old belongings don’t end up as landfill through the purchase of second-hand surplus textiles from Australian Charities and other recycling organisations.

The re-UP brand is proud of our solid relationships with Australian Charities, with the ongoing purchase of surplus textiles providing a valuable revenue source for many welfare programs conducted by charities. re-UP supports charities that make valuable environmental and social contributions to our communities through monetary donations.

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